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Turkey Tour 11: Sumela & Uzungol

Tour Code:T.P.T TOUR 11

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Duration:2 Day
Departures:From Istanbul to Trabzon

Flight from Istanbul to Trabzon

Pick up from the airport transfer to Hotel.

Overnight in Trabzon.

Day 1 Uzungöl Tour

After departing from Trabzon city-center we will have a break at famous Sürmene Knife Shop which is located in Sürmene region. Then we will visit Ozcat Tea Factory which is on our way and we will see the technics of tea production step by step with an expert engineer, and after having our tea, we will go on our way to Uzungöl. First we are gonna visit Sultanmurat Plateau for the beauties of green and fresh air. Height from the sea level is 2200 meters. Plateau takes its name from one of the Ottoman sultans. It is believed that Sultan IV. Murat visited this plateau for resting before arrive to Trabzon. You can see too many kinds of flavors on the way and also you can have natural barbecue party at the plateau where we arrived. First we will go on to up slope of Uzungöl to have a break where we can find artificial waterfalls. After taking photos we will have free time at restaurant which is located near the take coast. Now it is time to visit unique nature of Uzungöl after our free time. After our free time we will go back to Trabzon. While we are returning back to Trabzon ,we will have a break at Tiled-Old –Wooden-Bridge for taking photos.

Overnight in Trabzon

Day 2 Sumela Tour

We arrive to Sumela Monastery where is in the Altındere village’s border at Macka district far from Trabzon 40- 45 minutes. While arriving to Sumela Monastery we will have a break in the waterfall area and at the special balcony where you can see all Monastery from the best position.Then we are gonna visit the Monastery.We will have our Lunch at Zigana Highland Holiday village which is in unique nature after traveling nearly half an hour from Monastery.We past from Zigana Tunel after lunch and we will have a short break at fruit-paste store on the way to Gumushane.Then we will arrive to Karaca Cave which has the richest droop-colummar-stalagmide variation and scenic walls and lime waterfall and we go around the cave where asthma illness can be relax. On the way return to Trabzon we rote our way to historical road and we will visit Hamsiköy Village where the people organize festival of rice puding. We return to Trabzon. Overnight or fly back to Istanbul or any other place in Turkey…


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